Nuti White Leather Tanning


Nuti White Leather Tanning is the next generation in tanning as it is metal-free and able to guarantee the best quality and performance which is usually only found with chrome tanning. We have named it "White" because this is the color of the raw leather after our tanning process as opposed to the wet-blue color from chrome tanning or brown color from vegetable tanning.



You may be asking yourself how it was possible to create a Metal-Free tanning process with these outstanding qualities. The process is the same as with any kind of tanning (chrome, vegetable or other) and recognizable in the various passages inside the drums that agitate the leather with water and tanning products just like a rotating tumbler of a huge washing machine. The only difference between this tanning and Chrome, Vegetable or the last generation of Metal-Free is the tanning product which is used during the tanning process. Our laboratories have developed the next-generation in polymers which are able to tan leather significantly superior to the classic Metal-Free tanning with Syn-tans and without using any type of heavy metal, chrome included.

This new polymer tanning product doesn't only guarantee exceptional levels of firmness, roundness, tear resistance and tensile strength; it is also able to produce leather with 75 Tg (degree of gelatinization) moving away from what could be done up to now with Metal-Free. Indeed, up to now, the average values were between 65 and 70 and with questionable results regarding the final product.






Nuti Ivo Group is able to guarantee that Nuti White Leather tanning is effectively a processing system that produces leathers 100% free of heavy metals (including Chrome). Furthermore, all "Nuti White Leather" leather products are guaranteed 100% metal-free at the termination of all of the phases of refinishing and coloring.



The grade of tanning (i.e. the measure of how effectively the leather is tanned and stable) of a leather is evaluated by its "Tg" which corresponds to its shrink temperature (or gelatinization). The Tg needs to be at least 65-70 because if less, durability cannot be assured. Nuti White Leather is the only metal-free tanning that has reached and often surpasses a Tg of 75.