Nuti White Leather

NUTIiVO-38Leather tanned with Nuti White Leather is without a doubt the most versatile Metal-Free product in the world to date.

For the first time ever we have obtained an absolutely Metal-Free finished product with all of the characteristics found in high-quality leather in regards to both the processing of the leather and its everyday use. This product genuinely stands its ground when compared with chrome-tanned leathers in regards to firmness (which indicates the absence of movement of the upper part of the leather when it's folded), roundness, tear resistance and tensile strength.

Fashion houses and designers from around the world realize many of their creations using Nuti White Leather; the best in the world in Metal-Free.


In addition to these great qualities, Nuti White Leather can be worn and used by those who have allergies to heavy metals and chrome because it is completely free of these substances.

Last but definitely not least, Nuti White Leather has a low-impact on the environment and is one of the most eco-friendly products for leather tanning because of the complete absence of heavy metals during processing and at the end of processing. Not settling with a "partial success" in regards to protecting the environment, Nuti Ivo Group has also started a program to minimize the impact of its products and continuously invest in renewable resources, optimizing processing and financing research that aim at bringing its environmental impact close to ZERO.

Ask your favorite shops for products made with Nuti White Leather; only the best.






Nuti Ivo Group is able to guarantee that Nuti White Leather tanning is effectively a processing system that produces leathers 100% free of heavy metals (including Chrome). Furthermore, all "Nuti White Leather" leather products are guaranteed 100% metal-free at the termination of all of the phases of refinishing and coloring.



The grade of tanning (i.e. the measure of how effectively the leather is tanned and stable) of a leather is evaluated by its "Tg" which corresponds to its shrink temperature (or gelatinization). The Tg needs to be at least 65-70 because if less, durability cannot be assured. Nuti White Leather is the only metal-free tanning that has reached and often surpasses a Tg of 75.