Thanks to the exclusive Nuti White Leather tanning system, all kinds of leathers can be tanned including baby calf, calf, bulls, culattas,  shoulders, double butts, dorsets, steers, cows, bellies, goats, lambs, hair sheep, splits (this is all possible thanks to the fact that Nuti Ivo Group works raw leathers) and we are able to obtain very full and supple leathers and skins with a firm grain (absence of movement of the upper part of the leather when it's folded).

Because of its extreme versatility, unique in the world of metal-free tanning today, Nuti White Leather is able to satisfy all of the needs in leather production including goods such as belts, shoes, clothing, saddlery and furniture; maintaining the highest standards of quality typical of the Nuti Ivo Group Tanneries and upholding the promise to keep its companies among the best in the industry that produce leathers for the greatest designer brands in high Italian and international fashion.

What's more, thanks to its allergy-friendly properties, Nuti White Leather is particularly suitable for baby and infant products and for those who have allergies to heavy metals, especially chrome.

Leather realized using Nuti White Leather Tanning is certified by laboratories recognized on the international level that guarantee the complete absence of heavy metal including chrome as well as the technical characteristics and performance that allow us to fully respect the ethical standards and  standards of quality that have kept our clients swearing by our name and our products for over 50 years.




Nuti Ivo Group is able to guarantee that Nuti White Leather tanning is effectively a processing system that produces leathers 100% free of heavy metals (including Chrome). Furthermore, all "Nuti White Leather" leather products are guaranteed 100% metal-free at the termination of all of the phases of refinishing and coloring.



The grade of tanning (i.e. the measure of how effectively the leather is tanned and stable) of a leather is evaluated by its "Tg" which corresponds to its shrink temperature (or gelatinization). The Tg needs to be at least 65-70 because if less, durability cannot be assured. Nuti White Leather is the only metal-free tanning that has reached and often surpasses a Tg of 75.