Nuti White Leather is presented and attracts attention on social media

Enormous success for the press conference held to present the new Nuti White Leather tannage system. Over 100 journalists from all over the world linked up to the live-streamed conference and more than 200,000 tweets during the entire event in which Fabrizio Nuti and Andrea Bagnoli presented the innovative metal free.
The live tweeting during the Linea Pelle trade fair on the day of the press conference to launch Nuti White Leather received a great response, also aided by the Periscope Live broadcast.
This activity reached over 7000 accounts for a total of 220,000 views, also increasing the popularity of #lineapelle, the hashtag of the event hosting the Nuti Ivo Group stand where the press conference was held.
The group’s visibility, and particularly that of Nuti White Leather, was particularly heavy on 24 February. The accounts @NutiIvoGroup and @NutiWL set up on 23 February with tweet options saw such a rise in popularity that their use will continue because of the excellent results achieved.

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