Up to now, Chrome-Free or Metal-Free leather tanning mainly meant tanning with synthetic tanning agents without using any type of heavy metal, including chrome. However, given the characteristics of the products used, the performance of these products couldn’t even come close to that of chrome- tanning.

Nuti White Leather Tanning is making that a thing of the past by endowing characteristics like firmness, roundness , tear resistance and tensile strength that are so close to, and at times even surpass, the quality found in chrome tanning, allowing leathers tanned with this system to be used in many different markets, from clothing to shoes to furniture. In addition the tanning value (Tg) of the finished product is identified as 75 Tg, a detail that shouldn’t be overlooked given the industry standard for metal-free at about 60-70 Tg. Nuti Ivo Group has always played an active role in the research and development of tanning techniques and leather working techniques, and is able to certify the quality of their products and can guarantee the complete absence of heavy metals and particularly chrome in the Nuti White Leather Brand as well as in the finished product using this brand. Once again, Nuti Ivo Group is going down in the history of leather tanning for finally inventing a product which is absolutely free of heavy metals, eco-friendly and safe for mankind.



Nuti Ivo Group is able to guarantee that Nuti White Leather tanning is effectively a processing system that produces leathers 100% free of heavy metals (including Chrome). Furthermore, all "Nuti White Leather" leather products are guaranteed 100% metal-free at the termination of all of the phases of refinishing and coloring.



The grade of tanning (i.e. the measure of how effectively the leather is tanned and stable) of a leather is evaluated by its "Tg" which corresponds to its shrink temperature (or gelatinization). The Tg needs to be at least 65-70 because if less, durability cannot be assured. Nuti White Leather is the only metal-free tanning that has reached and often surpasses a Tg of 75.